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Tree Committee
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2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 P.M. in Conference Room at Regatta
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Juana Francisco
December 2019
Gail Koller
December 2019
Beverly Sherrid
December 2019
Marlene Star
December 2020
Dennis Cucinella
December 2020
Wendy Zoland
December 2021
Sean Gormley
December 2021
Trustee Lucas
General Foreman
The Village of Mamaroneck Tree Committee (VOMTC) is an advisory committee to the Village of Mamaroneck’s Board of Trustees, Planning Board, Village Manager and the General Foreman to the Department of Public Works.  The VOMTC was established in 1988 to “set proper standards of planting, maintenance and removal” of trees and to “monitor the observance of these standards.”(see Village Code Chapter 318, link above)
Street trees, the trees in your yard, and trees in our parks make up the Village’s urban forest.  Trees contribute to our village’s livability and beauty.  The benefits of trees are numerous.  Trees control erosion, lessen storm water runoff, dampen wind and sound, help cool our homes and buildings, provide food and shelter for wildlife, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, and add immeasurable beauty to our environment.   Trees can also be costly, causing damage to sidewalks and power lines, and consuming resources for leaf removal, tree removal, and other maintenance.

In 2010, the Village of Mamaroneck began an extensive tree replanting program, and by the Spring of 2017, will have planted approximately 1,000 new trees on the VOM streets and within public parks.  The Village plants approximately 100-120 new trees annually. ~If you would like to suggest locations for new VOM trees, or have any tree related questions/concerns, please reach out to the VOMTC using the email below.
!Village Ordinances Relating to Trees:
Trees growing in the public right of way, center medians, in triangles and in Village parks are all public trees.  (If you are unsure of whether a tree near the front of your property is within the right of way, you may contact the Village).  It is unlawful for anyone to plant, prune, or remove any tree within these areas without a permit issued by the Village.
The following are Village of Mamaroneck codes related to trees.  The full text can be found in the links above.  
Chapter 318 “Trees” lists regulations relating to the planting, pruning, and removal of trees and shrubs in the Village.
Guidelines Chapter 318-7 and 318-9:  In accordance with Chapter 18, the VOMTC has developed guidelines for tree planting in public areas within the Village.  
“Streets and Sidewalks” Chapter 296-11 “Trees” lists regulations relating to trees in areas along streets and sidewalks.
 “Recommended Trees for Planting in the Village of Mamaroneck”, is a guideline for the selection of tree species for both public and private property.  Trees on this list have been selected based upon their size, growth habit, climate needs, salt tolerance, and disease resistance, among other factors.  This list is reviewed and updated periodically.
Application for Street Tree: If you would like to request a street tree in the right of way in front of your home or business, you may do so by completing this form.  
Tree Permit Application:   If you would like to purchase and plant a tree on Village property yourself, you can obtain a permit by completing and submitting this application.  
“A Guide to Healthy and Safe Trees for Mamaroneck”. If you are interested in learning more about the Village of Mamaroneck’s trees, or would like a pamphlet to distribute at schools or to the public, this pamphlet summarizes the Village code and regulations pertaining to trees.

The VOMTC’s monthly meetings are open to the public and are posted on the Village calendar of events.