Get to Know the Board of Trustees

The Village of Mamaroneck Mayor and Trustees are sworn at the Village's Annual Organizational Meeting. We've put together these short videos as a way for you to get to know the Board of Trustees. If you would like to contact the Mayor and the Board of Trustees, please email them at To email individual members, please refer to their email addresses below.

Tom Murphy 2022-12-01 PNG

Mayor Tom Murphy

Nora Lucas 2022-12-01 PNG

Trustee Nora Lucas



Manny Rawlings 2022-12-01 PNG

Trustee Manny Rawlings


Leilani Yizar-Reid 2022-12-01 PNG

Trustee Leilani Yizar-Reid

Lou Young 2022-12-01 PNG

Deputy Mayor and Trustee Lou Young