Ethics Board

Local Law 1-2009

The Ethics Board adjudicates complaints that allege violations of the Village of Mamaroneck Code of Ethics, and responds to requests for advisory opinions regarding the provisions of the code. The Ethics Board also is responsible for overseeing the Annual Disclosure Statements required to be submitted by designated village employees and members of the various volunteer boards and committees that serve the village. The Ethics Board is comprised of five members, appointed to overlapping three-year terms by the Board of Trustees.

If you would like to contact all the members of the Ethics Board, please email them at To email an individual member of the Ethics Board, please refer to the roster below.

Board Members

Daniel E. KarsonChair (December 2026)
Chari Topol AllisonMember (December 2023)
Susan BerenzweigMember (December 2023)
Maria DeRoseMember (December 2024)
Lauren Perone JonesMember (December 2025)