Dogs in Harbor Island Park

Dogs in Harbor Island Park

Dogs MUST be on leashes in Harbor Island Park

Enjoy the outdoors with your dog. Remember to be safe, obey the rules, and respect the park and others.

  • Dogs are NEVER allowed off the leash in Harbor Island Park.
  • In Harbor Island Park, year round, between 7:00am and dusk, dogs are permitted in all areas of the park EXCEPT playing fields, playgrounds and the beach. (See map below.)
  • Dogs must be under the supervision of a person who has custody and/or control of the dog.
  • Dogs must be on a leash not exceeding six feet in length at all times.
  • You must prevent your dog from chasing birds, squirrels, and other animals.
  • You must pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste in containers provided throughout the park.

HIP Dog Walking Prohibited Locations Map SMALL JPG
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Also, dogs are NOT allowed in any other park in our community, at any time, for any reason.

The Board of Trustees and staff are working on creating a “dog park” where pups can run freely and socialize with each other; but until then, please follow the law.