Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee

The Village of Mamaroneck's Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee consists of 7-members as well as a Trustee liaison. The committee was established by the Board of Trustees on June 25, 2007, and was reconstituted on December 3, 2017. The Committee's mission is to act on community input and advise the Village of Mamaroneck's Board of Trustees and local government on the best practices and local needs in flood prevention. The Committee usually meets once a month on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Please refer to the Village’s online calendar to see the exact date as well as information for participating as an attendee in the online meeting.

The Village of Mamaroneck is drained by three rivers: the Mamaroneck River, the Sheldrake River, and the Beaver Swamp Brook. The Sheldrake and Mamaroneck Rivers join at the confluence’in Columbus Park and then together drain into Long Island Sound. Beaver Swamp Brook runs underneath Boston Post Road and then drains into Long Island Sound. The land surrounding and draining into each river is called a watershed. Mamaroneck is part of three watersheds, the Sheldrake, the Mamaroneck and the Beaver Swamp.

If you would like to contact all the members of the Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee, please email them at FloodMitigation@vomny.org. To email individual members of the Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee, please refer to the roster below. 

Steven GlenerChair (December 2025)sglener@vomny.net
David FreemanMember (December 2024)dfreeman@vomny.net
Tony GelberMember (December 2024)tgelber@vomny.net
OPEN SEATMember (December 2024) 
Bernie CamardaMember (December 2025)bcamarda@vomny.net
Patti TrifilettiMember (December 2025)ptrifiletti@vomny.net
Peggy JacksonMember (December 2026)pjackson@vomny.net
Andrew SpatzMember (December 2026)aspatz@vomny.net
Sue DeshenskyMember (December 2026)sdeshensky@vomny.net
Manny RawlingsTrustee Liaisonmrawlings@vomny.org
Sharon TorresTrustee Liaisonstorres@vomny.org