Village Engineer


Due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, effective immediately, all submissions for Stormwater Management Permits or Permit revisions shall be done digitally. Please submit all drawings, calculations and supporting documentation in PDF format and email it to:  the subject line should be formatted as follows: SWMP Submission-<<STREET ADDRESS>>  for example: “SWMP Submission-169 Mount Pleasant Avenue”.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Village Engineer is to provide a variety of engineering services designed to protect the public welfare of the community. The Village Engineer is dedicated to the provision of quality technical services in support of the general Village operations, as well as the responsible development of new Village infrastructure. All activities are to be performed in the most cost-effective manner and should ultimately result in sustainable operation and development in the Village.

Village Engineer Responsibilities

Under the general supervision of the Village Manager and Village Board of Trustees, the Village Engineer performs in an important technical and administrative position requiring a thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of engineering and a good knowledge of the operation of municipal government. The Village Engineer has full responsibility in carrying out engineering matters and general direction is received in matters of Village policy.

The Village Engineer works closely with the Village Manager's Office, the Building Department, Village Assessor's Office and the Department of Public Works to assess the Village's infrastructure, and determine proactive and corrective actions necessary. The Village Engineer is extremely knowledgeable in the design and construction of storm and sanitary sewers, stormwater management practices, water mains, curbs, sidewalks, traffic signage, pavement markings, roadway construction and other public works improvements. Support for the Land Use Boards including the Planning Board and Harbor and Coastal Zone Management Commission (HCZM) is done by the Village's Consulting Engineer.

In the capacity of the Village Engineer, he serves solely as the advisor to the Village staff, boards and commissions and cannot provide advice to individuals on private matters.

General duties include the following:

  • Makes special studies and reports on a variety of subjects and activities as basis for recommendations to the Village Manager and Village Board of Trustees;
  • Preparation of engineering studies, project designs, preliminary and final construction cost estimates, engineering drawings and project specifications;
  • Reviews site plans, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP's), "as-built" surveys and other engineering documents for conformance to the Village Code and general engineering practice;
  • Performs field investigations;  
  • Recommendation and planning of special construction or maintenance projects;
  • Details maps, plans, profiles, and cross sections;
  • Provides standard construction details for work performed within the Village Right-of-Way;
  • Estimates the costs of construction of paving, curbs, sewers, sidewalks and other public works items;
  • Assists the Department of Public Works with roadway improvements, storm ans sanitary sewer connections and other public works activities;
  • Interprets and/or enforces the zoning ordinances as required;
  • Drafts forms of codes and makes recommendations for zoning changes;
  • Conducts negotiations between the Village and outside parties, such as County officials, Town officials, utility companies, etc.;
  • Coordinates with other government agencies on behalf of the Village;
  • Supervises or undertakes preparation of plans and specifications for special construction alteration contracts or maintenance projects;
  • Assists the Building Department and Village Planner with keeping maps current;
  • Provides existing storm and sanitary sewer information (i.e. location, size, type and depth);
  • Supervises or undertakes the preparation of contracts and the request for proposals, quotes. bids, etc. for engineering construction;
  • Provides construction adminstration and oversight for capital improvement projects;
  • Coordinates with the Westchester Joint Water Works (WJWW) for water supply system improvements and for land development applications.

Upon completion of construction, a property owner is required to submit two (2) hardcopies of the "as-built" survey to the Building Department and Village Engineer. These surveys shall be prepared by a New York State licensed Professional Land Surveyor (PLS). Please contact the Village Engineer for "as-built" survey requirements.

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