Green Infrastructure in our Communities

Tree Planning, Challenges, and Solution

Held on October 22nd 2014, the day long workshop, co-sponsored by the Village of Mamaroneck and it's Tree Committee, Town of Mamaroneck, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Hudson Valley Regional Council, included presentations from green infrastructure and tree planning experts in and around New York State. The workshop focused primarily on green infrastructure challenges, issues, and solutions in urban and suburban communities.

Presentations included Simon Gruber, of the Hudson Valley Regional Council, illustrating the importance of urban forests for water quality, sustainability and resilience. Andrew Hill, of Davey Resource Group, who emphasized the benefits of permeable pavement and strategic tree planting. Karen Emmerich of Lehman & Getz Engineering, provided insight on the benefits of using bio-swales, pervious pavers, and rain gardens. Robert Galvin & Greg Cutler, of the Village of Mamaroneck Planning Department, who detailed transit oriented development practices and the integration of green infrastructure into local zoning codes. George Profous of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, took attendees on an adventurous walk-through to highlight best practices for street tree plantings.