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Last Update: 10/3/2019

Planning Department

Dimensional Requirements:




8 (4 1/2 on wide streets)



  • Minimum Required Yard: Front

10 Feet

  • Minimum Required Yard: Lesser Side

5 Feet

  • Minimum Required Yard: Two Sides Combined

10 Feet

  • Minimum Required Yard: Rear

30 Feet

Maximum Coverage All Buildings (as percentage of lot area)


Other Requirements

See Notes 1-11

Minimum Lot Area

20,000 but not less than 300 per dwelling unit

Minimum Lot Width and Frontage

100 Feet

Minimum Lot Depth

100 Feet

Minimum Habitable Floor Area

415 Square Feet

Parking RequirementsSchedule of Off-Street Parking


1. The Planning Board may approve a site plan which increases to the total number of permissible dwelling units by 20% to provide for below-market housing in accordance with Article XV of this chapter. In addition, where at least 2/3 of a project's units are a mix of zero- and one-bedroom units, the Planning Board may grant an additional ten-percent bonus in the total number of permissible dwelling units. This bonus shall be dependent upon a finding of no seriously adverse impact upon the school district.

2. There shall be provided a minimum of 400 square feet of usable open space per dwelling unit in the RM-1 District, 300 square feet per dwelling unit in the RM-2 District, 200 square feet per dwelling unit in the RM-3 District and, in the RM/SC District, the amount of usable open space shall be determined by the Planning Board during site plan approval. "Usable open space" shall be defined as active recreation sitting or landscaped areas open to the sky. Parking shall not be considered usable open space. On any lot containing more than 15 dwelling units, the design, layout and equipment of such open space shall be subject to Planning Board approval. Rooftop and atrium spaces that are open to all of the residents of the building may account for up to 10% of the open space requirements if the Planning Board finds that they provide usable open space. For purposes of open space calculations, an "atrium" is defined as a continuous area open to a sidewalk and street which is open and unobstructed, except for sitting and landscaped areas, to a height of at least 25 feet and whose roof and wall configuration allows natural sunlight as the main light source.

3. No building may exceed a length of 160 feet in overall dimension in the RM-1 Zone or 185 feet in overall dimensions in the RM-2 and RM-3 Zones.

4. The following minimum distances shall be observed between buildings on the same lot: a distance equal to the average height of such buildings at the points where such buildings are nearest each other.

5. The least horizontal dimension of any court, at any level, shall be not less than the height of any vertical wall forming part of such court above the sills of the lowest windows served by such court, but not less than 20 feet for an outer court nor less than 40 feet for an inner court.

6. For off-street parking and loading requirements, see Article VIII.

7. No side yards are required between attached dwellings.

8. On Mamaroneck Avenue and Boston Post Road, the Planning Board may approve an additional half floor if it is determined by the Board that such a half floor will not present undue bulk and height or be incompatible with the adjacent properties, and provided that such an additional half floor will not cover more than 50% of the building footprint and will be set back from at least two sides of the building at least one foot horizontally for every one foot in elevation. The latter requirement on horizontal setback may be waived by the Planning Board on any building whose setback to the street or adjacent homes exceeds the required setbacks by 50%. In the case of two or more buildings, the Planning Board may allow a full fourth floor on one of the buildings, provided that such a floor still does not exceed 50% of the footprint of all the permitted buildings.

9. In the RM/SC Residence District, a building may have a mix of studios, one- and two-bedroom units. However, the number of two-bedroom units may not normally exceed 15% of the total dwelling units, unless the applicant can show, to the satisfaction of the Planning Board, that such units are necessary for senior citizens and will only be used exclusively by senior citizens. 10 In the RM/SC Residence District, the following special requirements for the elderly and handicapped shall apply: (a) Walks, ramps and driveways: Gradients shall not exceed 10%; single riser grade changes in walks shall not be permitted. (b) Handrails: Handrails shall be provided as deemed necessary by the Planning Board, for the handicapped. (c) Fixtures: The size of the kitchen and bathroom and arrangement of the fixtures, accessories and trim shall be selected for and provide the maximum features of design that contribute to the safety, convenience and aid to older persons. The bathroom floor finish shall be impervious to water, have nonslip characteristics and slope inward. The threshold shall be flush with the floor. Doors of all rooms shall be of sufficient width, at least two feet

10. inches, to accommodate wheelchairs and persons on crutches. (d) Elevators: Elevator service shall be provided to all floors.

11 Every accessory building or structure shall conform in all respects to the minimum front and side yard setbacks applicable to the lot in question and shall not be located closer than six feet to the rear lot line

Permitted principal uses:

[Added  4-28-1986 by L.L. No. 10-1986, effective  5-8-1986; amended  9-26-1989 by L.L. No. 17-1989, effective  10-5-1989]

Permitted uses. In the RM/SC Multiple Residence/Senior Citizen District, no building, structure or premises shall be used or occupied and no building or part thereof or other structure shall be erected or altered, unless otherwise provided in this chapter, except for the following:

A. Senior citizen housing shall be limited to projects developed through local nonprofit sponsors with state or federal assistance.

B. Occupancy shall be limited to:

  • (1) A single person who is 62 years of age or over or a nonelderly handicapped person between the ages of 18 and 62.
  • (2) A husband or wife under the age of 62 years who is residing with his or her spouse who is 62 years of age or over or handicapped.
  • (3) Children and grandchildren residing with their parents or grandparents where one of said parents or grandparents with whom the child or grandchild is residing is 62 years of age or older or handicapped, provided that said children or grandchildren are 18 years of age or over.
  • (4) The surviving member or members of a family living within the RM/SC District with an eligible older or handicapped person at the time of his or her death.
  • (5) Two or more elderly or handicapped persons living together.
  • (6) Adults under 62 years of age and may be admitted as permanent residents if it is established that the presence of such persons is essential for the physical care or economic support of eligible older or handicapped persons.

For the full text of the zoning code, please visit the online zoning code here: https://ecode360.com/7712654