Staff Contact

Agostino A. Fusco Clerk-Treasurer(914) 777-7722

Description of Services

The Clerk-Treasurer is the Chief Fiscal Officer and provides overall management supervision to the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office and the Management Information Services Office. The Clerk-Treasurer is responsible for all the money received (revenues) or paid (expenditures) by the Village. Any money received that does not require immediate use is invested. In addition to many federal and state laws requiring safe and sound practice in the handling of money, the Village has adopted an investment policy, which is followed by the Clerk-Treasurer in the performance of his duties.

Many of us keep track of major events on a twelve month (annual) basis, usually from January 1 through December 31, also known as the "calendar year". Businesses, including governments, keep track of their financial (money) activity on an annual basis, known as the "fiscal year". The fiscal year may or may not be a calendar year. In the Village, our fiscal year is the twelve month period, running from June 1 through May 31.

Prior to the beginning of the fiscal year, the Clerk-Treasurer assists the Village Manager in developing a spending plan, known as the annual budget for submission to the Board of Trustees. After the fiscal year is over, the Clerk-Treasurer prepares the annual financial statements, reports which show what money was received and paid, and how close actual activity compared to the budget planned.

The Clerk-Treasurer issues a number of reports throughout the year to report the financial status of the Village government. Those reports include detailed work on the Village Budget, and other periodic reports of financial data.

The Management Information Systems Office (MIS)  maintains the Village’s local area network as well as the its automated systems, computer hardware, computer software and the Village’s web site. The MIS Office acts as the Village’s purchasing agent for technology related equipment and services.

The duties as Clerk include maintaining custody of the Village seal, books, records and all official reports of the Village. The Clerk is designated the Records Management Officer pursuant to law and is the Records Access Officer for purposes of the Freedom of Information Law.

As Clerk to the Board of Trustees, the Clerk is responsible for preparing and preserving the minutes of their meetings. In addition, the Clerk compiles a record of all Village resolutions and local laws.

The Clerk-Treasurer’s Office also issues annual parking permits, dog licenses, vital statistics (birth and death certificates) and maintains an indexed record of all written notices of defect which are reported to the Village.

Key Services

Maintains a system of accounts which is in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. Assists the Village Manager in preparing the Village’s annual operating budget. Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports, including analysis of operating revenues and expenditures.

Directs the Village’s treasury management, debt management and computerization programs. Processes all vendor claims for payment and the bi-weekly payroll. Processes real property tax bills for Village and Library District and maintains property tax accounts and records collections. Conducts the tax lien sale each March. Receives, records and deposits all other Village receipts. Manages the MIS Office.

Issues dog licenses, records all births and deaths in the Village, compiles a record of all Village resolutions and local laws, process all requests for records under the Freedom of Information Law and records and preserves the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Trustees.

FOIL Requests - Process and distributes FOIL requests to appropriate department. FOIL requests may be sent via email.