Village Manager

Staff Contacts




Jerry Barberio

Village Manager

(914) 777-7703

Daniel J. Sarnoff

Assistant Village Manager

(914) 825-8129

Danielle P. Gilliard

Human Resource Manager

(914) 825-8126

Courtney B. Wong

Secretary to Village Manager

(914) 777-7703

Karen JohnsonOffice Assistant(914) 777-7703
Robert IngenitoPublic Information Officer(914) 825-8113
Nery RabanalesIntern 

The Village operates under the Council-Manager form of government. In this form of government, the elected Board of Trustees sets policy for the Village and the appointed Village Manager implements the policies in an efficient and professional manner ensuring that the village and its residents receive the highest levels of service.

Per the Village Code, the Village Manager is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Administrative Officer of the Village. The Village Manager appoints all personnel with the exception of the Clerk-Treasurer, and Village Attorney, Police Chief and members of the Police Department. The Manager is responsible for the daily operations of all Village departments, with the exception of the Police Department.

The Village Manager serves a number of roles including but not limited to the following:

  • Supervision of day-to-day operation of all village departments and staff through department heads (with the exception of the Police Department)
  • Human Resources Administration (personnel)
  • Preparation and submission of the Tentative Village Budget to the Board of Trustees and monitoring of ongoing expenses and revenues.
  • Provides technical advice to the elected Board of Trustees on policy matters.
  • Public Relations including dealing with the media, residents, neighborhood groups and other civic organizations.
  • Attends all meetings of the Village Board, but does not have any voting rights.
  • Others duties as may be assigned by the Board of Trustees.

Issues and problems relating to the operation of the Village government should be directed to the Village Manager's Office. It is recommended that residents first contact the specific Village department responsible for the area of concern (e.g. pothole complaints should be directed to the Department of Public Works). If the matter is not corrected within a reasonable time, contact the Village Manager's Office to address the problem.

Permits for the following matters are issued  by the Village Manager's Office:

  • Permit for Sidewalk Cafe
  • Permit for Block Party
  • Film Permit (private or public property)
  • Placement of signs for special events