Marine Education Advisory Committee

WHEREAS, through a cooperative partnership between the Village of Mamaroneck Board, staff and Village residents, the Marine Education Center at Harbor Island Park was established and opened in 2013; and

WHEREAS, it has been determined that assistance is needed in the day to day operation, as well as the fundraising and public relations needs of the Marine Education Center; and

WHEREAS, by resolution of August 10, 2015, the Village board of Trustees established the Marine Education Center Advisory Committee to assist with this program and established the following charge:

  • Advise on overseeing the day to day operations of the Center;
  • Assist in the fundraising efforts of the Center;
  • Assist in the public relations efforts of the Center;
  • Work with other such local organizations (public and/or private) to identify partnerships and other initiatives to share resources and improve fundraising efforts;
  • Recommend to the Board of Trustees alternative governance and organizational structures for the Marine Education Center.

Committee Members

Name Title
Jim Desmond Member (December 2021)
Sarah Evans Member (December 2021)
Brendan Lewis Member (December 2021)
Peter Linderoth Member (December 2020)
Leah Murphy Member (December 2019)
Doug Serton Member (December 2019)
Ann Sklar Member (December 2020)
Thomas A. Murphy BOT Liaison
Victor Tafur BOT Liaison